2010 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 7.X

After LAPV 5.4 Concept and LAPV 6.x Concept, Mercedes-Benz is introducing something much more interesting. Something that looks like the big brother of these two concepts vehicles…

Mercedes-Benz LAPV-7.X 2Mercedes-Benz LAPV-7.X 4
This concept vehicle from Mercedes-Benz is the 7.X, which combines the properties of two different Mercedes-Benz model series. As is the case with the two lighter LAPVs, the vehicle’s engine / transmission and cockpit are taken from the G-Class, while the frame and the axles are from the Unimog range.

Mercedes-Benz LAPV-7.X 1Mercedes-Benz LAPV-7.X 5
Because the larger vehicle, the LAPV 7.X, uses components from the Unimog modular system, it opens up an entirely new dimension of all-terrain capability for a patrol vehicle. It comes standard with a ballistic protection according to STANAG Level 3 and mine protection to at least Level 2. As a result, the LAPV 7.X is a vehicle with a higher payload and again better off-road capability with advanced protection.

Mercedes-Benz LAPV-7.X 3Mercedes-Benz LAPV-7.X 6
This concept has a stunning ground clearance and an automatic tire filling system which can be a real life saver in tough situations…

Mercedes-Benz LAPV-7.X 7