2010 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 5.4

Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle LAPV 5.4

Combat conditions have changed. Symmetric war scenarios have been replaced by asymmetric conflict and new sources of danger. In particular, the increasing use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and advanced technology weaponry require specialised protection. Mercedes-Benz has responded to this demand with its strategic development of the combat proven G -Wagon: the LAPV 5.4. You can be confident that all our expertise has been used to protect your personnel.

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Cornering the triangle

The G -Wagon 280 CDI LAPV 5.4 is a unique-in-class armoured off-road vehicle that can withstand IEDs, conventional mines and direct gunfi re. It has been optimised for patrol use by achieving an extraordinary balance between the three factors of agility, payload and protection – the corners of the so-called “impossible triangle”. Mercedes-Benz has taken up the challenge of extending these limits to better meet the needs of today’s military missions. No other manufacturer can offer this all-round optimisation in a patrol vehicle.

Blast-proof protection

The monocoque full steel body means STANAG level 2 protection is built-in from the start, with certified protection from ballistic attacks, shrapnel and IED side blasts. Surface damage
can be quickly repaired by replacing armour plates. Protection from mines is available with the optional deflector plate.

Monocoque: Integrated all-around protection which is reinforced with additional tailored armour plates.

G-Wagon Base: High protection already integrated in our high-performance G -Wagon chassis makes a competitive difference.

Mine Deflector: Basic Protection 2x DM51. Additional mine protection up to DM31 makes the vehicle even more robust.

Choice of build

5-door or 4-door LAPV versions

The 5-door G -Wagon 280 CDI LAPV 5.4 ensures comprehensive protection for occupants and payload. The 4-door version ensures comprehensive protection for the occupants, while leaving
more room for payload fl exibility in the rear. With a wheelbase of 2,850mm, both LAPV versions are compact enough to be transported by airplane or train. The LAPV concept allows you to customise your vehicles to mission-specifi c demands with diverse factory options, including a rear-view camera system, NBC protection, cellphone and GPS (fi tted for) and fuel tank protection (2x DM31). Additional rear seat air-conditioning is available for 5-door version.

5 vs 4
Mercedes-Benz LAPV 5.4 (ENOK) Handed Over to the Military

(Source: Daimler Commercial Vehicles; issued Nov. 9, 2010)

KOBLENZ, Germany — Daimler AG has handed over the first series-production example of the Mercedes-Benz LAPV 5.4, military designation ENOK, to the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) and the army on the premises of the company-owned Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlet in Koblenz.

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Procurement of these vehicles is part of the BWB project “Protected command and functional vehicle, Class 1”. Their operational purpose is personnel transport and use as a carrier for a wide variety of military equipment. The compact exterior dimensions of the vehicle are a decisive advantage in this regard.

With the ENOK/LAPV 5.4, Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating its expertise in highly manoeuvrable, highly protected all-terrain vehicles at a new level. The three parameters of agility, protection and payload define the magic triangle that Mercedes-Benz has realised to perfection with this vehicle.

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In standard specification the vehicles provide protection against ballistic threats and mines/IEDs according to STANAG/NATO standards (extended anti-mine protection is available as an option).

The powertrain of the ENOK/LAPV 5.4 is based on that of ther existing Mercedes-Benz G 280CDI off-road vehicle with special protection, which ensures the best possible supply logistics. The engine develops an output of 135 kW/184 hp and 400 Nm of torque at 1600 – 2600 rpm, with power transferred to the four wheels via a 5-speed automatic transmission with an integrated reduction gear and three fully engageable differential locks. This makes the vehicle particularly suitable for operations on extremely difficult terrain.

The vehicle is available in two variants: with five doors and fully armoured crew and cargo compartments, or with four doors and an armoured crew compartment and unprotected rear body structure.

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With a payload of 930 kg and an operating range of approx. 700 km, a four-man crew is able to operate without support for several days.

45 vehicles have been ordered to date, and will be delivered to the BWB (Königswinter depot) by the end of 2010. The army is planning to take the vehicles into operation for the protection of its soldiers in Afghanistan in early 2011. Procurement of a further 100 vehicles is planned for 2011 and 2012.

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