2006 Isdera Autobahnkurier 116i

Bring back the 30’s.

In 2006 Eberhardt Schulz, the founder and the owner of the brand Isdera, introduced a totally new car. And what a car!

Eberhardt Schulz is the inventor of Isdera Imperator 108i, based on Mercedes-Benz Studie CW 311 (this car appearing in the famous movie CarNapping.) and the Isdera Commendatore 112i (both exceptionally sport cars).

This time though, instead of the usual sport car that he built during his life, Schulz came with a very different idea. A car that is reminiscent to the 30’s in aspect and style. Even the name takes us to that period: AutobahnKurier. Streamlined body wide, sweeping fenders, a broadened passenger compartment of the VW Beetle and the external flexible exhaust pipes gives this beauty a unique shape.

2006 Isdera Autobahnkurier 116i2006 Isdera Autobahnkurier 116i
But it was not an easy job. It took more than 20.000 hours of work to build it, as everything is hand-made. Everything had to be made considering the 30’s era. Even the three small wipers are also typical of that time as the great trumpet horns.

What makes it so special?…You said?

The Isdera Autobahnkurier 116i has four-wheel drive. Under the exterior work there are two parallel coupled V8 Mercedes-Benz engines. To be specific, there are 2 M117, 5.6 V8 engines from the w126 series. 600HP, V16, 11.2 litters. This is where the real challenge was. To be able to connect the two engines and to put all of that power to the ground.

Both engines must be individually started: the left red button starts the front V8, the right button on the marble cockpit starts the rear engine.

The interior comes with typical Porsche instruments. Every engine has its own water, oil and tachometer gauges. Elements taken from Mercedes-Benz are present too. The transmission looks similar to the w126. The dashboard looks like a modified version of the same series. All in all everything looks in place.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIsdera_autobahnkurier_116i_6
Isdera Autobahnkurier 116i was built in a Mercedes-Benz garage in Hildesheim. It is the last refuge of Isdera, after over 23 years in the Swabian industrial buildings.

And for the environmentalists to be happy, I have to say that this 2.3 tons monster will remain the only copy built by Schulz. One of the reasons may be the immense thirst. Despite the 143 liter tanks you will have to be at the pump after 300 km. Nevertheless those 300 km may be a unique experience as the car can go with 250 km/h / 155mph.

A giant in every respect, perhaps the last of his kind, but he will not be the last Isdera because Eberhardt Schulz has another vision: “It is a car that has never existed before. Something completely new. “

I am already curious.

Here are two videos with this beauty.