2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA

Progressive  design, serene day-to-day driving and off- road capability: easily  handling  various automotive  applications, the all- new Mercedes-Benz  GLA impressively reinterprets  the compact SUV segment.  It effortlessly masters day-to-day driving and is also robust enough for off-road excursions.  The 2015 GLA-Class will arrive in U.S. showrooms in Fall of 2014.

The first Mercedes-Benz in the fast-growing compact SUV segment is highly maneuverable around town (length 173.9” x width 71” x height 58.8”), lively on country roads and athletic and efficient on the highway. The high- quality appointments, developed with much attention to detail, and the versatile interior clearly position the GLA as a premium compact SUV.
The 2015 GLA-Class is the first Mercedes-Benz SUV to be available with the new-generation permanent all-wheel drive system 4MATIC, with fully variable torque distribution.

The new GLA rounds off the extensive SUV portfolio of Mercedes-Benz. With five model series (GLA, GLK, ML, GL and G), the company offers the widest range of any European premium manufacturer, and meets all the individual mobility wishes of its customers.

Mercedes_Benz-GLA_Class_mp35_pic_107805 Mercedes-Benz-GLA

“With the compact GLA we add a fifth attractive SUV variant to the Mercedes-Benz model portfolio in this constantly growing segment.  The GLA impresses mainly with its progressive character  and agile handling,” says  Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President  Sales and MarketingnMercedes-Benz Cars. “So I am very confident that the GLA with its fascinating design and high everyday practicality  will fill many new customers  with enthusiasm for the Mercedes-Benz brand.”

As a serene  day-to-day companion, the GLA has a flexible and variable interior. The rear seat backrests fold down completely, and the generous  luggage compartment is well laid-out and can be loaded without difficulty thanks  to the low loading sill and the wide tailgate, which can open automatically as an option.  The especially rigid body structure provides a reliable basis for the 2.0- liter 4-cylinder engine with 208 hp and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.
The all-new 2015 GLA-Class will celebrate its world premiere  at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt  in September.

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class gla_7

Design: quality and self-assurance

Sensual clarity as an expression  of modern luxury – this was the focus for the designers, and is the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz. The goal is to create clear contours and smooth surfaces  that communicate  both high-tech sophistication  as well as emotional appeal. The sensual clarity is reflected in the core design values of Tradition, Emotion and Progression.  These are the guiding star, and are accentuated  differently depending on the model. Mercedes-Benz creates  a bridge between modernity  and the avant-garde, between tradition and progression.  Each model series has an assigned  role and has a very specific character,  depending  on the attributes on which the design focuses. And yet a Mercedes-Benz is always recognizable as a Mercedes-Benz. Because in addition to incorporating new stylistic developments,  and in the interests of keeping tradition  alive, the designers draw from a gene-pool of styling features typical of the brand.

“With its striking  features, the GLA embodies our progressive thinking and enthralls  with its off-road proportions,”  says Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design at Daimler AG. “The clearly defined surfaces  convey power and serenity, and we have managed to combine as much emotional appeal as possible with as much clarity as necessary.”

As an SUV, the all-new GLA combines the design values of Progression  and Tradition, and is the SUV of the future. It is a utility player with hallmark Mercedes-Benz SUV genes, but more youthful, sculptural and full of subtle drama.

2014-mercedes-benz-gla-class-2 Mecedes-Benz-GLA-Class-2015-Black

The low greenhouse, raised vehicle body and large wheel arches give the GLA great appeal. The clearly defined surfaces are supplemented with sharp lines that provide definition and precision, varying the sculptured contours of the vehicle body which is sensitively modeled and subtly dramatic.

The prominent and self-assured, upright  front end with a central star lends a muscular  and superior  impression  to the GLA. Powerdomes grace the hood as sporty highlights, and the twin-louver grille accentuates the vehicle’s width. An impressive  front face is ensured  by the headlamps  and available LED daytime running  lamps. This iconic Mercedes-Benz design feature was developed further using tri-functional fiber-optics, and gives the vehicle its characteristic light signature. The front bumper features  diamond-pattern grilles in front of the cooling air intakes. The standard  fog lamps are integrated  into the front bumper. A simulated skid plate and contrasting dark-grey sill panels all-around emphasize  the SUV characteristics of the GLA. The panels begin low down at the front bumper and provide protection against stone impact.

Mercedes-Benz-GLA-2015 Mercedes-Benz-GLA-Class-1

The side view of the GLA likewise conveys power and serenity. Following the design philosophy, the “dropping line” emerges at the headlamp and extends  to the rear wheel arch. The line of the beltline trim gradually rises from the rear door to the C-pillar. Together the light-catching  contour on the curvature and the counter-line  to the dropping line at side sill height create an interplay of lines that lends the car flowing power and subtle drama.  The side panel has depressions shaped like an excavator’s teeth to accentuate the SUV character. Chrome roof rails complete the side profile at the top as standard,  and as an optional extra roof rails in high-gloss black are available.  The GLA features  18-inch wheels as standard  equipment, with 19-inch wheels available as an option.

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class gla_7

The muscular  shoulders over the rear axle are emphasized  even further  by the inward taper of the C-pillars. In combination with the divided tail lights, this emphasizes the width of the rear end. Its shape is both dramatic  and visually unified.

This impression  is heightened by the curved rear window and the sweeping chrome handle between the tail lights. Thanks to the divided tail lights, the cargo opening is conveniently wide. The large roof spoiler is another eye- catching feature. It shares the structure of the rear roof trim and accommodates the third brake light. In the area of the rear bumper trim there are other SUV-specific features  such as a robust external  loading sill guard and a skid plate available in silver-metallic.

mercedes-gla-pack-amg Mercedes-GLA-front-three-quarter

Interior: attractive design features and high quality

The muscular  and imposing appearance  of the exterior is systematically continued  into the interior. This has an especially high-quality feel that is achieved by the contours, choice and combinations  of high-grade materials. All trim surfaces  are galvanized in silver-shadow  for material authenticity, resulting in a metallic finish with a “cool-touch” effect. The impression  is one of perfect detail. The heavy emphasis  on horizontals,  the dynamic design and the highly attractive design features are other high-quality attributes.  The same applies to the great precision of joints and gap dimensions.

The dashboard  consists of an upper and lower section, allowing surface structures that are different in look and feel. Matte and glossy 3D geometries (graining) create an attractive  light effect. The three-dimensional trim section of aluminum  or wood lends a new, modern touch to the interior. The available matte satin finish of the wood trim is a further enhancement to the modernity, and makes the surface especially pleasant  to the touch.

2015-mercedes-benz-gla-class-dash-view comand_online_brings_internet_into_the_vehicle_on_the_central_media_display

Five round air vents are integrated into the dashboard. As an exclusive GLA feature, the galvanized bezels around these circular vents echo the SUV-look of the skid plate and side sill panels.  The direction of the airflow can be varied by butterfly-shaped inserts.

The large, free-standing display has a high-gloss facing in piano-black and a flush-fitting surround in silver-shadow. This gives the display an especially high-quality look. A 3-spoke steering  wheel with 12 function keys and a galvanized chrome clasp is standard  equipment.  When at rest the needles are in the 6 o’clock position. The needle inlays are always in silver.

2015-mercedes-benz-gla-class-cockpit--left-studio 2015-mercedes-benz-gla-class-dash

The choice of seat upholsteries (standard  MB-Tex or optional leather) and color combinations  allows plenty of scope for individualization. Sports seats with integrated head restraints are available as part of the optional Interior Package.

The premium quality of the sports seats is emphasized by the opening in the lower section of the head restraint.  On the rear of the front seats this space is framed by silver-shadow trim, and can have ambient lighting on request.

Mercedes-Benz-GLA-Interior mercedes-gla-2014-35

Set into a galvanized surround,  the controls for the standard power driver’s seat adjustment with memory are arranged on the interior door panels in  typical Mercedes style – a unique  feature in this segment. The interior  door panels are likewise of extremely  high quality. The soft, matte surfaces extend right from the beltline to the door pocket. In combination with the equipment packages the door armrests have a high-quality chrome trim strip and standard ambient lighting.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4MATIC (X156) 2013

Aerodynamics:  goodbye to box-shaped

With the GLA, yet another model series becomes the leader in its segment  with respect to aerodynamic  efficiency.  At 0.66 m2   the frontal area Cd  x A, which greatly impacts fuel consumption from around 37 mph, is a top figure.

The good air flow characteristics, which are a major factor in the vehicle’s low fuel consumption in everyday conditions, result from numerous aerodynamic optimization  measures. These include a low A-pillar step with suitable geometry and aerodynamically  optimized exterior mirror housings. The rear end is also streamlined.  The measures here include the roof spoiler lip and the aerodynamically  shaped  tail lights. Rear spoilers at the sides ensure that the airflow breaks off for optimal aerodynamic  efficiency. Seals in the front bumper (radiator area incl. around the headlamps)  round off the aerodynamic measures.

Mercedes-Benz-GLA-Class Archivnummer: SSPIP30415
Extensive underbody paneling, additional paneling in the middle area of the rear axle and an aerodynamically  optimized rear silencer  followed by a diffuser improve the flow of air beneath  the underbody.

Numerous  measures have also been taken to reduce wind noise in the GLA. These include a multi-level door sealing concept, additional sealing of the joint between the tailgate and the roof and side seals on the tailgate. Especially rigid window frames prevent  the airflow from pulling on the doors at higher speeds, and reduce vibrations. External noise has also been minimized by the low A- pillar and exterior mirrors connected to the body by a stem.

New-GLA-Class New-GLA-Class-2015
Suspension: for guaranteed recreational fun

With the new GLA Mercedes-Benz is adding a new member to the successful SUV family. This compact model reinterprets the SUV concept in a new, modern way, because the GLA is less imposing than previous SUVs, and therefore fits perfectly into the day-to-day urban lifestyle.  At the same time the optional 4MATIC all-wheel drive, the robust body structure and the variable interior concept guarantee plenty of recreational enjoyment. Motto: away from the daily routine. Rough terrain – the beach, loose ground, dirt roads, off the beaten path – all of these are no problem for the GLA.

The chassis of the GLA features  a McPherson front axle and an independent multilink rear suspension. Three control arms and one trailing arm per wheel manage the incoming forces. This means that longitudinal  and lateral dynamics are independent of one another. The wheel carriers  and spring control arms are made of aluminum  to reduce unsprung masses.  In the version with 4MATIC, the rear axle carrier is isolated with rubber bushings  for the benefit of ride comfort.

Compared to conventional  systems,  the electromechanical power steering provides better feedback to the driver and makes an important  contribution to the vehicle’s overall efficiency, as the servo assistance only requires energy when the vehicle is actually steered. It also allows various steering assistance functions that are initiated  by the ESP®  control unit. These include countersteering when the vehicle oversteers, steering  corrections  when braking on surfaces  with different levels of grip, reducing the effects of front- wheel drive on the steering  and compensation of cross-winds and road camber.

The GLA has an extremely  rigid body, and therefore the basis for stable and safe handling characteristics both on and off the road, as well as a high level of NVH comfort. There are additional reinforcements to the B-pillars, front damper domes, side members and underbody.

Even more grip: 4MATIC all-wheel drive

The GLA from Mercedes-Benz is optionally available with a new generation  of the 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system, featuring  fully variable torque distribution. This all-wheel drive system excels with even more grip and outstanding agility while also enhancing  driving safety and energy efficiency.

The components  of the 4MATIC system include the power take-off to the rear axle that is integrated into the 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, and the rear-axle gear with integrated, electrohydraulically controlled multi-disc clutch. This set-up allows fully variable distribution of the drive torque between front and rear axles. Additional benefits of this design are a lower weight than is available from the competition, and high efficiency.

Confident on light terrain: off-road functions

Models with 4MATIC are equipped with DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation) and an off-road transmission mode as standard. DSR is activated by a control button in the center console, and assists  the driver on demanding  downhill stretches by maintaining  a slow, manually selected vehicle speed within the physical limits when negotiating  downhill gradients.  This is done with the help of the engine and transmission control systems,  and by specific braking intervention.

When the off-road transmission mode is selected using the transmission mode switch, the gearshift points and accelerator characteristics are modified so that the requirements for driving on light off-road terrain and especially loose surfaces can be met. In combination with the standard single-disc CD audio system with USB Port, Bluetooth connectivity and HD Radio or optional COMAND system, the head unit can also be switched to an off-road display. The steering  angle, the selected off-road transmission mode and a compass are displayed there. The roll angle in degrees, the gradient in percent  and activation of Downhill Speed Regulation DSR are also indicated.

Smart safety: advanced assistance systems

Numerous  driving assistance systems offer support in the GLA and reduce the driver’s  workload. Standard features  for the SUV include ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection and radar-based COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST with adaptive Brake Assist, which now helps to protect against  collisions from a speed of only 4 mph.

This feature combines with DISTRONIC PLUS (part of the Driver Assistance Package) to become COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS. This incorporates an additional function: If a danger of collision arises and the driver fails to respond, the system is able to carry out autonomous  braking at speeds of up to 124 mph, thereby reducing the severity of collisions with slower or stopping vehicles. The system  also brakes  in response to stationary  vehicles at a speed of up to 18 mph, and is able to prevent rear-end collisions at speeds of up to 12 mph.

Established assistance  systems, such as Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assist are also available for the GLA. PARKTRONIC w/ Park Assist (optional) allows automatic parking  in parallel and perpendicular parking spaces.

“Always on”: the multimedia systems

The latest multimedia  generation  deployed in the GLA boasts new functions and a modified graphic color scheme.

Like all models in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the GLA comes with the brand’s acclaimed connectivity service mbrace2, providing users  with an extensive range of online and concierge services and apps all linking seamlessly to smartphones for use inside and outside the car. By using cloud technology, mbrace2 is always up to date and offers users  wide-ranging and flexible access to content.